Black Hats and White Hats: Establish Expectations Early, Enforce Consistently

(Part Ten in a Series)

A key employee has just left your company, joined your fiercest competitor, and begun a brain dump of your most critical intangible assets.  What can you do?

If this is the first time you have thought about protecting your intangible assets, the unfortunate answer is, “Not much.”  That ship has sailed.  The cow’s out of the barn.  Elvis has left the building.

You must begin today if you want to protect your intangible assets.  Waiting until a crisis arises only assures that you will lose them.

Identify your intangible assets.  Separate and secure them from unwarranted intrusion.  With the assistance of competent legal counsel, decide whether you should implement covenants not to compete or other restrictive covenants.  Implement appropriate policies, protocols, and procedures to protect your intangible assets from prying eyes.  Establish a Culture of Confidentiality.

Establish expectations early; enforce them consistently.

White Hats know that consistency and persistence are the keys to protecting their intangible assets.  The sooner you start, the greater the chances you will succeed.

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