Create an Environment of Excellence

A good friend is having his knee surgically replaced, about four years after having his other knee replaced.  His first surgery relieved the constant pain he was experiencing and allowed him to maintain an active lifestyle.  By all accounts, it was a success.

And yet, he has chosen a different surgeon to perform the second surgery.

The new surgeon examined the work done by his predecessor and confirmed that the work was technically excellent.  Somewhat puzzled, the new surgeon asked my friend why he wasn’t going back to the first surgeon.  My friend’s response: “His bedside manner left something to be desired.”

Often business owners believe that if we provide technically excellent services, clients will come flocking to us, dazzled by the technical excellence of our work.  The reality is, however, that most clients cannot tell the difference between A+ work and C- work.  You do not know whether your accountant has taken every deduction you are legally entitled to take, whether your investment advisor has put you in the funds that are most appropriate for your circumstances, or whether your physician has correctly diagnosed your ailments.

You can, however, tell the difference between A+ and C- customer service.

Technical expertise is important to your business success.  If you provide substandard services long enough, you eventually will work yourself out of business.  You may even find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

But your client relations are even more important than your technical expertise.  If you have a surly bedside manner or if you place barriers that make it difficult for clients to do business with you, they will leave you, in spite of your technical expertise.

Analyze every point where you interact with your clients.  Do your clients feel that they are important?  Does everyone on your team communicate in a manner that builds confidence in your abilities?

No matter how well you think you are doing, you can do better.  Ask, How can we create an environment of excellence?  Be brutally honest with yourself.  Then go out and make the changes that show your clients that you understand they are absolutely essential to the success of your business.

Help your clients feel important, and your business will boom.

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