Everybody Has a Brand: Overcoming Indifference and Hypocrisy

Building your brand is like doing house work.

Say what?

You heard me. Building your brand is like doing house work. Or, if you prefer, it’s like doing yard work. Or raising children. Or doing dishes. You get the idea. Your work is Always and Never Done.

You never stop building your brand. No matter how well you have done in the past, you have more work to do tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. If you ever stop working on your brand, you have a mess on your hands in no time flat.

At home you battle dust bunnies and weeds. When working on your brand you battle indifference and hypocrisy.

Your brand is not what you think it is. Rather, your brand is a composite of what your clients and prospects think it is. Every interaction you have with your clients and prospects contributes to the perception of your brand, either to the positive or to the negative.

You must battle indifference because Nobody Cares About You. Your clients spend little time thinking about you and your company. They spend their time instead obsessing about themselves and their own problems.

Unless you can clearly and concisely communicate why your client or prospect should care about you — that is to say, unless you can clearly and concisely communicate how you are different from your competitors and how you will eradicate the problems that keep your client up at night — he will be indifferent about you. You will be one of many, a nameless face in the crowd.

Stand out from the competition. Think Like a Client instead of thinking like your peers. Develop innovative ways to solve your clients’ problems. Then effectively communicate how you are different in ways that matter to your clients. When you find a message that resonates with your clients, they no longer will be indifferent about you.

Once you overcome indifference, you must beware of hypocrisy. Catchy tag lines and dazzling graphics may create passing interest in your company, but if your walk does not live up to your talk, your brand takes a hit. Your actions always speak louder than your words.

If you over promise and under deliver, you are guilty of hypocrisy. If your clients realize that your stunning marketing materials are a facade covering a meaningless message, they will hold you in disdain. If your actions are ever less than what you claim they will be, you will lose the attention and the respect of your clients.

Your brand will overcome indifference and hypocrisy the same way you do house work, or yard work, or raising children, or doing the dishes. You build your brand daily, consistently, continuously. Your work never ends.

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