More Business Books You Need to Read

Your business will wither and die if you do not continuously add to your knowledge base. We’ve previously discussed three great business books — What Clients LoveWorld Wide Rave, and Made to Stick — that can help you change your way of thinking about how to do business.  Here are three more of my favorite business books.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing & Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly, by David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  He’s smart, he writes well, and he has great ideas.  (And, if you blog about his books, he leaves a comment.)  It’s no coincidence that two of his books are among the six that I have recommended.  Heed his advice, and you will prosper.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way businesses market themselves.  For a nominal investment, you can connect to the Internet and spread your ideas across the globe.  But unless you know how to make your ideas stand out, they will be swallowed up in the oceans of online information.

That’s where The New Rules of Marketing & PR comes into play.  Once you understand the basics of online marketing in the new millennium, you can effectively distribute your ideas to your targeted market.

Learn the differences between the old and new rules of marketing and public relations, and you will understand how to take advantage of the new rules.  The book covers everything from press releases to search engine marketing, writing style to social networking, and blogging to podcasting.  Read it in the order it is written, or jump randomly between sections.  Either way, you’ll learn how to prosper with the under the new rules.

How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

First published in 1936, this classic remains relevant more than 70 years later.

While our habits, customs, and culture may have changed over the decades, fundamental human needs have not changed.  People are still people.  We all yearn for friendship, love, and respect.  We all desire to feel important.

Carnegie teaches how to recognize those fundamental human needs and master the principles of human relations.  Learn the Six Ways to Make People Like You, the Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking, and The Nine Ways to Change People Without Arousing Resentment.

Once you understand the principles of human relations, your business and personal relationships will improve.  You will better understand how to treat people the way you would like to be treated.  You will have a happier and more productive life.

You’ll understand why Carnegie’s masterpiece is still a classic after all these years.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap . . . and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins

If you want your company to become great, you must overcome the inertia of being good.

The book begins with the premise that “Good is the enemy of great.”  Collins relies on extensive research to discern the critical qualities that enable companies to change from being merely good to becoming truly great ones.

It is not a painless process.  The metamorphosis is, however, possible if you are willing to make set your ego aside and change.  Learn the type of leader you must be to create a great company.  Understand that you must stop being merely competent and instead must focus on the things you can do excellently.  Recognize that you must think differently about technology and learn how to use technology as an accelerator — not a creator — of momentum.

Master the concepts in this book, and your company will become great.

You must, of course, implement what you learn or your additional knowledge is of no use.  Read the books with a highlighter in hand, and a pad of paper and pen close by.  Look for true principles in what you read.  Ask yourself, “How does this apply to me?”  Then go and apply what you have learned.

Learn from the masters, and your business will boom.

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